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Maxine Zain’s Jacaranda Records Debut Makes Radio Playlists

Maxine Zain has just added another feather to her cap with the news that latest single, ‘Don’t Touch Me’, released on May 5, 2023, has now been playlisted on Jazz FM, the go-to radio station for jazz, blues, and soul music aficionados in the UK.

Part of the Jacaranda Records talent incubator, Zain’s musical prowess is undeniably reflected in ‘Don’t Touch Me’, where her voice – a tapestry of traditional jazz and modern pop – caught the attention and praise of Jazz FM DJ China Moses, securing her a spot on Jazz FM’s playlist.

The fact that Jazz FM, a leading radio station, has taken notice of Zain’s sound, rich with soulful tones and a knack for storytelling, represents a significant landmark for the performer, who has begun to create ripples across the UK music scene.

One of an eclectic mix of artists fostering their creative expression with Jacaranda Records, we’re very much looking forward to hearing what’s up Zain’s sleeve next in the weeks ahead.

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