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History & Legacy

The Jacaranda played a key role in the creation of the Mersey phenomenon that took the world by storm in the sixties.

  • Opened in 1957 by Allan Williams offering a stage for up-and coming artists.
  • Regular customers included local students John Lennon, Stuart Sutcliffe, George Harrison & Paul McCartney
  • Cellar murals painted by Sutcliffe & Lennon in payment for rehearsal space
  • As the first manager, Allan secured the defining first tour of Hamburg in 1960
  • Provided introduction to Richard Starkey (aka Ringo) the drummer of leading Jacaranda regulars Rory Storm & The Hurricanes – and handed over management to Brian Epstein
  • Hosted first ever publicly announced performance as “The Beatles” with John, Paul, George, Stuart and Pete as the five-piece line up on 15th August 1960. Later to become the infamous Fab Four

And the script for modern music was written… 

For more than sixty years, this has been the stage on which generations of young artists have tried to make the grade, earning the venue a status in Liverpool’s music history that cannot be manufactured.