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BBC Studios and Jacaranda Records Founder Present a Sonic Adventure with “Earth: One Amazing Day – The Immersive Experience”

Jacaranda Records, led by founder Ray Mia in collaboration with BBC Studios, is thrilled to announce the release of a revolutionary musical venture, “Earth: One Amazing Day – The Immersive Experience.”

This unique album combines the talents of award-winning composer Alex Heffes with immersive audio techniques to create a new kind of sonic journey for listeners.

This pioneering 13-track release, with additional bonus tracks, enables listeners to immerse themselves in an audio landscape where music and the sounds of nature form a three-dimensional surround sound environment. Using any digital playback device, listeners are teleported into a world teeming with the vibrancy of Earth’s everyday wonders.

Ray Mia commented on the release: “We have taken storytelling through music to a new level. We combined cutting-edge spatial audio techniques with classical orchestration and real-world sounds to create an all-embracing musical experience.”

The album was produced using two leading immersive audio techniques: Dolby Atmos®, and Binaural, which replicates the way the human brain perceives sounds, creating a sense of directionality when played back on stereo headphones. This inventive approach to audio production means listeners can enjoy the immersive experience on any playback device without needing to purchase new equipment.

Listeners are enveloped in the everyday dramas of Earth’s natural world: from floating amidst a school of sperm whales to experiencing a panda cub’s first solo adventure in a bamboo forest. “Earth: One Amazing Day – The Immersive Experience” provides an unprecedented sensory journey, crafted solely with music and the sounds of nature.

Co-Producer Stephen McDonogh shared: “This album represents a novel, audio-led approach to storytelling. Our team of creatives, musicians, and recording engineers have leveraged advanced immersive music techniques to craft an experience that brings listeners closer to nature than ever before.”

“Earth: One Amazing Day – The Immersive Experience” will be released in two editions, tailored for playback on stereo headphones (Binaural Edition) or a home cinema surround sound system (Dolby Atmos® Edition). The Binaural Edition, which uses 29th Order ambisonics, is set to release in the United States on iTunes on September 21. Simultaneously, a limited Atmos Edition will be released on the US market in disk format via

The Immersive Experience album sets several firsts in the industry, being the world’s first immersive audio music and effects digital album, the first commercial release of a binaural digital album with 29th Order encoding, and the first classical music album simultaneously released in both Dolby Atmos® and Binaural Editions and in physical disc and digital formats.

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