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April’s Spotlight Falls On Those Damn Crows, Slowthai & More

Jacaranda Records brought a diverse wave of talent into the city this April, with the independent powerhouse’s shows taking up the stages at Phase One and The Cavern with an array of performances that brought both budding and well-seasoned talents into the spotlight.

Leading the pack, Those Damn Crows came through to rock Jacaranda’s Phase One stage. A Welsh quintet whose sound is grounded in the roots of classic rock, they’ve proven their mettle time and time again since signing onto the label. The past month has seen the band working on new material, and the record’s executives are buzzing with excitement about the upcoming studio sessions.

The Crows’ performance was packed with high-energy guitar riffs, tight rhythms, and soaring vocals that truly embody the modern rock spirit. Their charismatic stage presence and compelling performance left fans eagerly awaiting their new release.

Over at The Cavern, the highly controversial Slowthai took centre stage with his distinctive fusion of punk and hip hop. The Northampton-born rapper’s unique style, a blend of raw energy, profound lyricism, and candid social commentary, earned him a place among the most exciting names in the UK music scene. Apparently unaffected by the negative headlines surrounding him of late, his set kept the audience enthralled from start to finish as the machine rolled on.

Back at Jacaranda Phase One, Billie Marten, the young British singer-songwriter known for her ethereal voice and introspective lyrics, graced the stage. Marten, who signed with Jacaranda in the last quarter, showcased her maturing sound with songs from her recently released third album. The hauntingly beautiful melodies and deeply personal storytelling solidify her as a significant voice in the modern folk-indie scene.

Lastly, but certainly not least, was Adam Zindani, a well-seasoned rock artist, best known as the guitarist for The Stereophonics. Performing at Jacaranda Phase One, Zindani provided a masterclass in rock performance. His crisp guitar lines, combined with an inherent stage presence, further enforced his status as a stalwart of British rock. Zindani took the opportunity to test some new material, delighting fans with fresh tunes that hinted at a promising new direction.

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