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Campus Record Label

Empowering the Next Generation of Music Industry Leaders

At Jacaranda Records, we firmly believe in nurturing and fostering emerging talent, not only among musicians but also within the vast spectrum of roles that make up the music industry. The Campus Record Label project is our innovative response to this aspiration, a hands-on, industry-led initiative that brings real-world experience into the academic setting .

Born out of a proven model, the Campus Record Label initiative helps colleges build in-house record labels operating under our globally recognised brand. It’s a transformative educational opportunity that allows students to gain practical experience through professional record label campaigns.

Covering all facets of the music industry from A&R and track production to content creation, marketing, and promotion, the Campus Record Label programme is more than just a learning experience – it’s a gateway to the music industry.

Our unique project engages students from  audio engineering, music business, and film streams, offering them a platform to put theoretical knowledge into practice.

By managing campaigns and special projects in a through-the-line label environment, students experience the dynamism and pace of the music industry firsthand. The Campus Record Label experience, open to all college & university campuses, offers students the chance to shape the future of music, empowering them with the tools, guidance, and opportunities to create, innovate, and lead.

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