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Jacaranda Records Campus Record Label Pilot Underway At SAE Liverpool

After two years of diligent collaboration and development, Jacaranda Records’ first Campus Record Label pilot, a groundbreaking partnership with SAE Institute, is now in full swing at SAE Liverpool.

Established as an innovative venture to bridge the gap between academics and real-world industry experience, the Campus Label Project is a pioneering initiative that operates as an in-house record label for SAE helping provide students industry-led training via professional record label campaigns and offerings them an opportunity to develop their skills in an authentic label environment.

Building upon Jacaranda Records’ proven commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering creativity, as evidenced in the popular YouTube series “The Jacaranda Basement Tapes,” the Campus Label Project leverages a similar approach. By embedding students in professional record label campaigns, the project offers students invaluable real-world experience and a competitive edge in the music industry.

“The Campus Label Project is not just an opportunity for students to get their hands dirty in the world of music – it’s a game-changer,” said Ray Mia, founder of Jacaranda Records. “By working on real campaigns, our students are gaining experience that will be instrumental in their careers. They are not only learning about the industry – they are actively shaping its future.”

SAE Liverpool is the first to launch this innovative program, but plans are already in place to expand the Campus Label Project. This marks a significant milestone in Jacaranda Records’ mission to bridge the gap between education and industry and cultivate the next generation of music industry professionals.

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