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Basement Tapes Season 2 Filming Begins

Filming for Season 2 of The Jacaranda Basement Tapes kicks off today with the first of this series’ selected acts stepping on to the legendary stage to showcase their talents.

First shot as a pilot series in 2019, The Basement Tapes is about providing frontline acts with a platform and an opportunity. Performing on the toughest stage of all – on the very spot that gave The Beatles their first break – every act is given the opportunity to perform two tracks showcasing their work … and what they do with that chance is entirely up to them.

With a host of new faces lined up for filming over the coming months, together with a sprinkling of more established names keen to step in the footsteps of Liverpool’s fab four, first to step up to the plate will be two very different artists, with rising local hip-hop/beatbox performer Motormouf joined by the excellent Robert Vincent, winner of two UK Americana Awards.

All of the next cohort of acts participating in The Basement Tapes will appear in the familiar four screen format first established in the original pilot featuring Jacaranda Records’ own SPILT.

This season’s acts – set to be announced over the coming weeks – follow a diverse collection of acts and musical styles ranging from the rapidly emerging jazz vocalist Lois Levin to indie quartet Waiting Till Marriage, with contributions from Factory Set, The Ivies, and Murph Bower.

Filmed in partnership with Liverpool’s media production university SAE Institute, The Basement Tapes builds on Jacaranda Records’ mission to give young bands, artists and creatives a platform to grow and showcase their talents. Rather than shipping in professional crews, the series works with young people at the start of their careers to give them a start in the business. That brings its own challenges and consequences, but the journey has to begin somewhere …

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