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Jacaranda Studios

The centrepiece of Liverpool’s SAE Institute campus, this cutting-edge facility offers full spatial audio mixing and mastering, supporting the fast-growing market for 3D audio. 

Originally built as the first music-specific immersive facility of its kind anywhere in the world, Jacaranda Studios has worked with an array of major name clients including NBC Universal, Apple TV and Audible on a range of cutting edge projects.

Featured Projects


A world first – orchestrating the production and immersive capture of the complete works of Christopher Marlowe, the godfather of modern culture and the Jim Morrison of the Elizabethan age.


The first immersive audio music and effects digital album, the first commercial release of a binaural digital album with 29th Order encoding, and the first classical music album simultaneously released in both Dolby Atmos® and Binaural Editions.