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Jacaranda Records’ Capomaestro Ray Mia Unveils the Power of Success, Failure & Intuition in Entrepreneurship on Cassette Monkeys Podcast

In a riveting Cassette Monkeys episode, industry veteran Ray Mia discusses the intersection of intuition, failure, and success in entrepreneurship. With a legacy of innovation at the UN and Universal Music Group, Mia shares personal insights on overcoming challenges and enhancing well-being through music.

Jacaranda Records’ Ray Mia, a seasoned producer, audio expert and entrepreneur with notable stints at the United Nations (UN) and Universal Music Group (UMG), recently appeared on the Cassette Monkeys podcast, offering a deep dive into the essence of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Guided by interviewer Emma Hames, the episode, rich with anecdotes from Ray Mia’s extensive media career, underscores the significance of intuition in navigating the complexities of professional and personal life, in which Mia candidly discusses his approach to balancing high-profile roles with community engagement and charitable endeavours.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mia also touches on the critical lessons learned from failures and the pivotal role of self-reflection in achieving success. Additionally, he shares his personal journey with diabetes management, highlighting the impact of diet and sleep on his health.

10:00: Creativity & Entrepreneurship
18:00: Failure Being The Best Path to Success
19:00: Silicon Valley’s Failure & Success Milestone
25:45: Listening To Ourselves
28:39: When Your Body Tells You It’s Time For Change
29:30: Questions to Ask Yourself
37:37: What Defines Success?
41:30: What Defines You?
44:45: The Significant of Music in Well-being
1:02:42: Covid & Reversing Diabetes
1:23:50: Sleep & Blood Sugar
1:28:50: What is the Mantra You Live By?
1:35:00: What Is That One Song?

This episode offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to harness their experience for personal and professional growth. For the full discussion, visit Cassette Monkeys.

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