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Jacaranda Records and Star-Studded Cast Reshape Performing Arts Landscape

Jacaranda Records, the innovator behind the first music-specific immersive audio studio in the world, is playing a key role in an unprecedented series of theatrical productions titled “The Marlowe Sessions.”

This extraordinary celebration of the works of Christopher Marlowe, the enfant terrible of Elizabethan Theatre, is taking place this month at the newly refurbished Malthouse Theatre in Canterbury.

Bringing the label’s experience in immersive audio capture and production to bear, the sessions are being Executive Produced by Jacaranda Records founder Ray Mia and co-produced by Consigliere Iain Bruce.

A host of acclaimed actors including Dominic West, along with an expert ensemble cast of Elizabethan actors and some of the biggest names in British theatre, will participate in this unique series of performances. “The Marlowe Sessions” will offer theatergoers a rare glimpse behind the theatrical curtain, with performances of Marlowe’s entire body of work presented in a new light, and captured using the latest Immersive Audio technologies.

“The goal is to recreate the sonic footprint of the theatre in Elizabethan England. The live performances, and the production of immersive audio recordings will transport the listeners to a space and time where and when the plays were performed – enabling audiences worldwide to experience what the raucous London crowds would have heard when the plays were originally performed,” said Ray Mia.

The Immersive Audio Theatre format, pioneered by Jacaranda Records, uses 3D or spatial audio technology to provide an immersive and experiential audio environment, offering listeners a 360-degree sound experience. This high-definition format is currently being adopted at a rapid rate and is set to transform the music, film, and broadcast industries.

This groundbreaking project stands to reframe our understanding of Elizabethan Drama and Christopher Marlowe’s place in literary history. “This is a once in a 400-year opportunity to be a part of a never before produced series of iconic material, all geared towards creating an innovative and original series of Immersive Audio Theatre performances to be enjoyed for the next 400 years,” Mia added.

The performances at “The Marlowe Sessions” will be limited and are primarily intended for audio capture for wider distribution. The immersive audio theatre productions will be made available in 2024.

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