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Red Rum Club Release Limited Edition Jacaranda Records Variant

Red Rum Club have celebrated the launch of their fourth studio album How To Steal The World with a special limited edition Jacaranda Records variant.

The exclusive blue vinyl release has been strictly limited to 200 copies, each with a signed and hand numbered 12″ x 12″ print and the Jacaranda Records logo, and is available on a first-come-first-served basis exclusively from our Liverpool store or online shop.

Red Rum Club completely immersed themselves in this album with the aim to reflect, think and aspire. They learned to embrace the circumstances they had been dealt with and locked themselves away from the world using this as a time of reflection. The process provided them all with a source of therapy, motivation, inspiration and optimism for the future. The 12 songs are a commentary on how the band attempt to correct or explain past events, learn from these experiences and discover how to “steal” their future in this uncertain world.

You can buy How To Steal The World online at :

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