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Born out of the success of our weekly open mic nights at the original Jacaranda Club, we’re launching a new YouTube series featuring the very best of the local musicians who’ve plucked up the courage to step up and give it a go.

For many years the open mic night has been a first step for brand new grassroots talent looking to make a start on their careers and gain experience performing before a live audience. 

Starting today, that audience just got a lot wider with the launch of a new occasional YouTube series to showcase the very best of the artists 

On the last Sunday of every month we’ll be setting up a camera, pointing it at the spot where over the years, hundreds of people have picked up their instruments – braving the legendary Jacaranda crowd to showcase their talent, and simply letting the story unfold.

There’s no high end production or directorial team. No big budget kit or glam. Just a single raw performance from a hopeful who’s stood up to a room full of strangers and given it their all.

We send every artist a copy of their performance to do whatever they want with, but from today, we will be picking one track from each session to showcase on the Open Mic Sessions channel.

The first in the series is the particularly impressive soulful tones of ‘OUTSIDER’; who, when called for, got up, played his own incredible self-written song, brought the crowd to a hush, and left. 

The Track – FIRE – shows the beginnings of an enormous talent with shades of both early Hozier and James Bay, and the crowd loved it.

So did we, and we think you might too.

You can watch ‘Jacaranda Open Mic Sessions – OUTSIDER’ below, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and enable notifications to check out the latest videos from this series, as well as more yet to be revealed.

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