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Jacaranda Records’ Latest Video Series Launches With Frank Turner

New video series The Voice-o-Graph Recordings, featuring one artist and a single take recorded direct to acetate in our vintage 1947 Recording Booth, launches today.

Situated on the 1st Floor of Liverpool’s Iconic Jacaranda Club, the 75-year-old machine is one of only a few surviving examples of the once popular Voice-o-Graphs still in operation today.

Once a common sight across the US, Voice-o-Graphs have a long and rich history. Originally introduced in the 1940’s  during wartime they were used on army bases so that soldiers and their families could send recordings to each other. At one time there was one at the top of the Empire State Building and in every mall, and they became a popular method for young musicians to record audition tracks.

The inaugural release is a full length recording from the outstanding Frank Turner, performing ‘Untainted Love’ from his latest album.

The audio is taken from the directly from the acetate and converted into a digital format, creating a truly unique sound. Huge thanks to Frank, Polydor, and Universal Music Group for their support and help making this happen.

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