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Behind The Scene: Immersive Producers in Hollywood

[19 Jun 2020]

Since Jacaranda Records’ Capomaestro Ray Mia formed a working partnership with Lone Wolf Pictures founder Stephen McDonogh, the immersive producers have completed an epic journey that’s taken them to the heart of the movie industry, engaging with some of the biggest names in the business on a shared mission to unlock the power of immersive audio.

A trek through the Hollywood backlots that concluded in bringing work from the big beasts of the film & television sector back to the UK, the story of their encounters with NBCUniversal, Netflix, Warner Bros, Dolby Labs and others sheds light on how to carve out a new role in the most competitive industry on Earth – establishing the emerging position of Immersive Producer firmly within the mindset of Tinsel Town’s most significant players.

The as-yet untold backstory, to be unveiled in instalments over the coming weeks, will lay bare the essential tools, the personalities, the entrenched interests, the learnings and the challenges facing anyone working to cement their relevance in the media jungle. 

This is a good news narrative where a multi Emmy-winning powerhouse US network – committed to perpetually raising the bar on its blockbuster slate of productions – enthusiastically supported a UK based special project to explore how narratives can be enriched and deepened through the application of a 3D audio palette. Taking a multi-award-winning drama attracting US audiences of over 20million and applying the latest techniques in immersive storytelling to provide the critically-acclaimed show with an even keener edge.

Stephen McDonogh, the founder of Lone Wolf Pictures, commented: “It’s always a buzz impressing and inspiring some of the biggest players in Hollywood, especially in their own backyard, winning hearts and minds with our unique blend of immersive-first storytelling.”

Jacaranda Records’ Capomaestro Ray Mia said: “We’ve been on an 18mth odyssey through the rough seas of the Hollywood studio system! – with ‘Behind the Scenes’ we’re about to reveal the challenges, the learnings, the ups, the downs, the each-and-every-sideways, the backward steps – but ultimately the genuine forward-thinking…”

Tune in next week for Behind The Scene: Warner Brothers.

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