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Aimée Steven Unveils Latest Tracks In Immersive Dolby Atmos & Spatial Formats

[12 Jun 2020]

Aimée Steven’s latest two tracks with Jacaranda Records have been released in immersive audio format, with Hell Is A Teenage Girl and Darling now available in stunning 3D sound on the Liverpool singer/songwriter’s new online store.

Launched with a full catalogue of immersive tracks and an exclusive new merchandise range, the news comes after Jacaranda Records became the first independent label to release 3D audio material direct to the public via its end-to-end content ecosystem in December 2019.

With high quality Nearfield and binaural mixes, a limited edition vinyl offering and a new line of clothing available to purchase online, Aimée is one of the first independent artists to share immersive Dolby Atmos and spatial experiences direct with her fans.

Immersive Audio – sometimes referred to as Spatial or 3D audio – offers listeners a 360 sound experience far enhanced to traditional stereo. The format can be adapted for use on virtually any system ranging from ordinary headphones to home theatre systems and cinemas, and has already been adopted by most Cinema Theatres, Apple TV, Netflix, Xbox, Amazon, Sky and a host of international broadcasters.

The release marks the latest step in Jacaranda Records’ collaboration with online artist engagement experts Amplifyd, a partnership that saw the Liverpool-based record label becoming the first UK music business to offer Immersive or 3D Audio downloads direct to fans, with the opening tranche of tracks in both Dolby Atmos and Binaural formats made available for download exclusively on the platform in 2019.

Aimee Steven - Immersive Audio

Jacaranda Records’ Capomaestro Ray Mia said: “While a lot of labels talk the talk, at Jacaranda we walk the walk. As immersive audio continues to rise in prominence over the course of this year you’ll hear many breathless announcements from operations claiming to have reinvented the wheel, but as an immersive first music label we’ve been making our music available in 3D format for some six months now, and will continue to break new ground in the establishment of this pioneering new music experience.

“As too many seem to so easily forget, this business is about the artists – and we are dedicated to giving them the rich palette of tools they need to make their music heard the way it was meant to be. It’s not actually about the studio, and it’s definitely not about the software! It’s about what artists like Aimée can do with it to reach out and connect with her growing fanbase.”

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