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SPILT Unveil Third Release Of The Month

[16 Aug 2019]

SPILT’s latest track – FUNNY MONEY – is out today.

Another binaural blast into the world of spatial audio, the band’s third immersive release of the summer arrives in a sonic blast designed to turn your ears inside out and reboot your brain. 

Jacaranda Records Capomaestro Ray Mia said:

“SPILT are from a place people don’t understand, because it shatters a cosy world view. Sometimes, it takes three council estate kids to take the bleeding obvious and beat it until it’s just a sticky smear on concrete.

“FUNNY MONEY is an authentic voice from a place where kids have nothing, apart from a brutal understanding that money means nothing – and everything – at the same time. “

[Listen Here] [Wear Headphones]

Release Details

Funny Money was performed by SPILT, and written by Morgan Molyneux, Ronald Ayres & Josh Cunningham.

Supervising Immersive Mix Producer: mrmmr

Immersive Mix engineering & mixing by James Kershaw

Stereo Mix production, engineering & mixing by Jonathan Tringham

From Immersive-first Label Jacaranda Records, pioneers in spatial audio, the binaural master provides anyone using a set of standard headphones a three-dimensional audio experience – and richer stereo for anyone using speakers. The track is available to stream or download via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and all major streaming services.

SPILT are:

Mo Molyneux (Vocals/guitar) 

Ron Ayres (Bass)

Josh Cunningham (Drums)

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