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The Last Of A First release – NO BALL GAMES – Is Out Today

[27 Sept 2019]

  • An album birthed in the industrial town Runcorn
  • Tracks produced by frontman Morgan Molyneux and mrmmr
  • Immersively Mixed & Mastered at Jacaranda Studios in Liverpool
  • Album drops ahead of UK and international touring schedule

SPILT unleash their debut album on Jacaranda Records today.

A summer of 10 consecutive, surprise 3D audio releases from the three-piece have concluded with the band’s debut immersive album NO BALL GAMES. 

A SPILT-driven narrative characterised by the industrial sounds of their home town of Runcorn and the ubiquity of adolescence, it is a lesson in lo-fi craftsmanship from the North western three-piece, a debut immersive album that drips with an infectious hunger that will resonate with a new generation of musicians in Merseyside and worldwide. 

2019 has seen SPILT strongarm their way through the music scene, selling out their own rave parties with DJ collective Keep it Cryptic, and supporting US punk band Fidlar on their UK tour. 

No strangers to experimental music, the band embraced immersive and 3D audio wholeheartedly. Producing their new album in Jacaranda Studios, Liverpool’s first bespoke mixing and post-production room enabled with Dolby Atmos and Binaural immersive technologies. 

Preparing for a thundering UK-wide tour, the band have not ended their string of surprises just yet. A new UK tour will celebrate and promote their album in the coming months, and a US tour will kick start in 2020 – the band is welcoming their chaotic yet explosive rise to a global audience, with no signs of stopping.

SPILT’s music encompasses spiralling psycho-acoustic solos to a hard tapestry and blistering murals of sound, combined with the raw vocals of charismatic frontman Mo Molyneux. The trio produce a blastful of unhinged intensity layered with a heavy hitting drum backbone, critical riffs, distortion and delays with pounding bass lines filtered through effects – leaving audiences mesmerised by their headbanging drummer, thundering bassist and deranged but supremely Shamanic front-man.

Jacaranda Records Capomaestro Ray Mia said:

“Wild Horses man… wild horses. Don’t get me wrong, the Immersive journey has been a bucking bronco ride into the spatial wild west – from the Atmos through to the Binaurals, it’s been intensely fascinating, and “POKIT, CYNICAL, WA7” are the last three of the material that we know is seminal by design, singular in its art.

“When Mo and Dave their manager walked me through the material and their planning, the what, why, when, how, who… it all made perfect sense, and it’s absolutely hit bang on what they wanted to say, how they wanted to say it, when they wanted to say it, why they are saying it… and who was going to say it… 

“The binaurals are all available per track and in a playlist, immersive first and all… the entire album is also gonna be out in stereo. We heard the entire stereo mix that Mo and Jono produced, and it’s worth the full album release, too good to not get out there. When we heard the original plan, we didn’t expect the band to essentially get access to a studio built in the wilds of Widnes, the work between Allo Sound and our own Studios has been great… it’s there in the mixes…

“The fun never stops with SPILT… they are full on, full stop. All of this is dropping on a really important day for us at the Label. It’s a year +1 to the day we worked with SPILT on slamming down all the album demo materials at Parr Street Studios with Chris Taylor. They’ve been relentless since, and getting the ramp up right has been important.

“We’ve got a Label history, we’ve got our own Label philosophy – we’re Jacaranda Records and we are based on Slater Street in Liverpool as the venue that gave kids a break…its all wrapped up in our contribution as the cradle of Mersey Beat and the Kindergarten for The Beatles… SPILT are really important to us today and now, because we really feel passionately about new music, new sounds, finding it and backing it… Big sound, Big ideas… this is not about finding another Four-piece, this is about making it happen for something truly spectacular… their sound is immense… we are about pushing the norm, and SPILT are not the normal, nothing they do is normal, by measure, held back, with-held… lighter fluid of ideas on a bonfire of energy. ” 

[Listen Here] [Wear Headphones]

Release Details

NO BALL GAMES was performed by SPILT, and written by Morgan Molyneux, Ronald Ayres & Josh Cunningham.

Supervising Immersive Mix Producer: mrmmr

Immersive Mix engineering & mixing by James Kershaw

Stereo Mix production, engineering & mixing by Jonathan Tringham, Bill Ryder-Jones & Chris Taylor

From Immersive-first Label Jacaranda Records, specialists in spatial audio, the Refractions EP binaural master provides anyone using a set of standard headphones a three-dimensional audio experience – and richer stereo for anyone using speakers. The track is available to stream or download via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all major streaming services.

SPILT are:

Mo Molyneux (Vocals/guitar) 

Ron Ayres (Bass)

Josh Cunningham (Drums)

About Jacaranda Records

Jacaranda Records is a reimagined record label driven by immersive audio, with a street network of live music venues and record stores in the heart of Liverpool – The UK’s music city.

Working with a wide international coalition of musicians, producers, managers and audio visual experts, the label provides a disruptive antidote to the traditional music industry ethos, forging new approaches to music creation, manufacture, promotion and distribution that leave control and revenues firmly in the hands of our artists.

We provide developing and established artists with a range of creative, technical and monetization services while preserving their full mechanical, publishing and IP rights. Artist focused, forward-thinking and expert in deploying innovative technologies and techniques through every stage of the recording, release, distribution and commercialisation cycles, the label works with a diverse range of creatives and performers to maximise the impact and returns for their work, all the while re-imagining, re-inventing and re-defining what impact and return means.

The latest evolution of the brand that launched The Beatles, Jacaranda Records is taking the soul of an organisation built on launching talent in a City where music is in its DNA, and forging a new path to support and build on the breadth of talent that walks its streets – all with an attitude and vision befitting its people and the global audiences who care about music.

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