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Jacaranda Records releases first Compilation Album

Tales From The Jacaranda Volume 01, a compilation of some of the marvelous artists we’ve worked with over the past couple of drama-strewn years, is out today.

Available on all good streaming platforms and some rubbish ones too, we’ve released our first compilation album both as a celebration of the Liverpool music scene, and also to fire the starting gun on a a year of frenetic activity that’s going to see the Jacaranda Records crew unveil a series of exciting new projects as we roll into spring.

Aimée Steven

Featuring the talents of SHARDS, Aimée Steven, Dust Monk, SPILT, Phil Jones, and mrmmr, the 12 track compilation celebrates some of the best talent (old and new) to take to the Liverpool stage over the past few years in an explosion of eclectic tunes from a roster of artists that represents the city’s enormous creative range and varied soundscapes.


Bursting straight out of lockdown, double vaccinated and ready to roll, Tales From The Jacaranda is the first of multiple projects to be released in what promises to be an exciting year for the label and its quest to give grassroots acts a platform and a fighting chance.


In the coming weeks we’ll be unveiling several new projects – including a sensational single from the up and coming Waiting Till Marriage – designed to entertain, delight and generally blow your socks off.

Stay tuned – it’s going to be one hell of a year!

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