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Jacaranda & Amplifyd Announce Partnership To Create New Opportunities In Music Production & Immersive Audio Distribution

[19 Dec 2019]

  • UK/US partnership to develop range of global artist & label services
  • Jacaranda becomes first UK label to sell 3D audio direct to consumers

Jacaranda Records & Amplifyd have announced a partnership to collaborate across a range of commercial initiatives encompassing ongoing operations in immersive audio music, physical media production and direct consumer engagement.

The partnership has kicked off with the Liverpool-based record label becoming the first UK music business to offer Immersive or 3D Audio downloads direct to fans, with the opening tranche of tracks in both Dolby Atmos and Binaural formats made available for download exclusively on Amplifyd’s platform this week.

Jacaranda Records’ Capomaestro Ray Mia commented: “As an immersive first label, the primary objective with Amplifyd was always going to be positioning ourselves officially as the first UK label to offer direct 3D Audio downloads of our artists’ output, but our collaboration goes deeper than that, with applications across our physical media and venue operations as we continue to build Liverpool as a centre of excellence in music technology.”

“Collaboration with Amplifyd is a natural fit. We’re two companies committed to shaking up the traditional market and finding new ways of working on artist and product development within the context of fast evolving market where the rules are in a perpetual state of change.”

Dan Willis CEO of Amplifyd added: “Partnership with Jacaranda Records gives us a direct, fluid working relationship with a dynamic independent label, an expert foothold in the burgeoning immersive market, and a credible partner with whom to test and develop our service offering. It extends both of our capabilities in multiple directions, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Part of the legendary music venue that first launched The Beatles, Jacaranda Records is a reimagined record label driven by immersive audio, with a street network of live music venues and record stores in the heart of Liverpool – The UK’s music city. 

Specialists in Dolby Atmos, Binaural and the other 3D Audio technologies currently being adopted by Amazon, Apple, Samsung & a host of broadcasters including Sky and BT Sport, the business is focused on creating new approaches to music creation, manufacture, promotion and distribution that leave control and revenues firmly in the hands of the artist.

Built by Artists for Artists, Amplifyd is a fully-integrated platform that bundles traditional & experiential content together, providing a custom suite of tools built specifically for the music industry all of which promote a deeper connection between artists & fans.

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